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Doctor Who

2011-04-01 08:47:52 by TheKeyboardGuy

So, I've recently submitted all of my Doctor Who Theme covers using energyXT. They'll be in the format "DWT XT" + version number. There will be more coming soon at either my leisure (for new versions) or your feedback (updates/fixes). Currently what I've got up is as follows:

Original Version
Version 1.1
Version 1.4
Version 2.0
Version 2.2
Version 2.5 (due to popular request; in the making)
Version 3.0
Will edit with later versions as they go up.


2011-03-24 05:49:11 by TheKeyboardGuy

Binärpilot is the badass Norwiegien musician making chiptunes and other awesome beats. He's let me manage his Newgrounds Account, where I will be uploading all of his music for the wolrd to hear. All of his music is free, and encourages people to download and share it. The problem is, the NG Audio Portal only allows 2 submissions a day, so it'll take me just over a month to finish this. In the meanwhile, you will go and listen to some on his awesome website!

Album Update!

2011-03-14 05:52:07 by TheKeyboardGuy

Almost completely finished the music, all I need now is lyrics... I'll be uploading it all of the next few weeks.

Album Update #3

2011-02-26 01:18:45 by TheKeyboardGuy

The album will now be released in 3 versions:
1. The original version (by me)
2. The release version (by me, with guitar from Billy and effects from Taylor)
3. The remixed version (by me and Taylor)

So this gives us all more room to be awesome. New tracks up: Mhidel and Chillout.


2011-02-17 03:30:02 by TheKeyboardGuy

Now my friend Taylor is on board with this album project. We'll release as soon as we've recorded lyrics and finished the songs. You can find us both here on AKT-III, along with some of our other awesome projects, like this promotional video we shot last week at school.

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2011-01-03 23:44:39 by TheKeyboardGuy

I'm making one! It's based off a Choose Your Own Adventure story I've been writing on the Con Artist Games Fan Forum called 'The Lost City.' At the moment, I'm thinking 10 tracks, and I have a fair few done already. 2 more need to be finished (musically) and I'll need to create and record lyrics within the next month, then it will be done!

Some extracts/remixes/extended versions will be submitted here, else I'll be hoping to sell my album (on eBay is my current plan) for about $10 or so.