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2012-03-10 22:49:33 by TheKeyboardGuy

So, for the past (however long it's been), my laptop has blocked Newgrounds, and now that it's not (for some strange reason), I come back and NG has changed. IT'S AWESOME! I'm no longer restricted to uploading 2 tracks per day! So if my laptop does decide to hate NG again, I can just upload a bunch of stuff I've been working on in one hit on my home computer (which is now my brother's, seen as I never use it).

Also, I may have told you guys about an album I'm releasing. I'm not. Yet. I'm too distracted with all sorts of other stuff, and original material is difficult for me to make (because I want it to sound good instead of just saying "screw it, let's just copy and paste this a few times and there, it's done," although I do have a lot of projects I've started). Point being, I'm releasing a remix EP really soon, containing 5 tracks at the moment, although that may be cut back to 2 for copyright purposes, which would really suck, and would mean I'd have to find something else to remix (or cover. Covers are good too).


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