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Laptop and Delayed releases

2011-10-26 18:27:00 by TheKeyboardGuy

So, I've recently received a laptop for school purposes, however I don't seem to have any school restrictions or whatever. This is good for me because I can now make music anywhere that isn't at my home computer, which (albeit recent upgrades) I've actually stopped using.

The only problem being, it keeps checking my NG login status, so it doesn't know if I'm logged in (nor do I), so for uploads I'm going to have to use my home computer. Add that to the "can-I-be-bothered"-ness of file transfer, conversion to .mp3, and now my NG account is a day or two behind my other sites.

So basically I want to say: Sorry for the delay. Don't worry because all of my music is still free to download, and it will probably be uploaded to NG about 1-3 days after it's on SoundCloud. And the NG versions are made to loop :D


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2011-11-04 08:45:32 laptop's internet is working? My laptop's internet is WORKING!!! :D So this news post is basically superfluous.